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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Night & Day Room Transformation

Here is a previous picture of before we moved in the house, which is currently my daughter’s room.

As you can see it was totally trashed out, but there was still much potential.

I did not do the construction work myself but here are a few pics of the process.

After all the junk was tossed and the carpet ripped out, a nice awakening peachy color was painted on the wall.

This bright peachy color was what my daughter wanted and it fits her so well.

That hideous ceiling fan had to go. New carpet and new windows were installed.

And now she has a room to grow and have fun in.

Windows facing the South and West gives this room plenty of light.

This cute beside table is from Big Lots. The beaded pink candle lamp was a thrift store find a couple of years ago.

The dresser is at home surrounded by familiar colors.

This wooden cubby I placed at the foot of the bed kind of stages itself as a footboard with storage.

The room is complete except for minor details like hanging this wall mirror.

The curtains are by way of my mom, a DIYer like myself. They are a simple shear white complementing the bright vibe of the room.

And the green
flower picture hangs nicely by the window.

And of course the
desk is what completes the whole room!

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Drab to Fab Desk Makeover

I’m bursting with excitement over the desk transformation I did for my 9 year old daughter!

We have had this desk for almost 5 years now. It was purchased from a garage sale at a steal for $15.

I couldn’t wait to give it a makeover but we were living in apartments so I knew I couldn’t give it the proper attention it needed.

Well the time has come, we absolutely love our new home and pictures of my daughter’s room are soon on the way.

So, here is the before. A plain and simple desk but with good structure and storage, it just needed a little love.


I have always admired the drawer pulls detail. I even thought they were one piece until I disassembled them and found it was composed of two pieces. Although I did not end up using them here, I am definitely saving them for a rainy day.

Oh, and the chopped up trim, I never cared too much for the style.

So, I just took a hammer to it and it was gone.

The process took about 2 days. First the sanding, washing, and yes of course primer was must in this case.


I love absolutely love it!

I used paint that was left over from the trim in the house as the base color.

The blue, green and purple are basic acrylic craft paint.

My daughter decided on the stencil and she picked out the drawer pulls too.

After it was dry, I gave the blue drawers, green top and purple cubbies a good coat of clear glossy spray sealer.

Now it just needs the perfect chair to make it complete!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wooden Stars

Copper and tin stars have long been on my radar and I have wanted to get on the band wagon for some time now. Now that I have my own house I totally have reason to go for it.

It's an intention to find a real one to accompany this wooden one but when I saw this wooden star hanging up in Micheal's at a 3.99 price tag, I couldn't resist. I had my star plus I could put my own creative spin on it at the same time.

The copper stars are really my favorite but since it would be placed in the living room, it would not really complement the color; which is kind of a caramely suede color. So I thought a faux tin patina wood fit best.

First I had to fill in the hole with wood filler.

Then gave it a white primer base.

I wanted a black undertone, so I then sponged on black acrylic paint.

After glazing with silver metallic paint, I lined the edges and corners with black for highlights and to give it depth.

Painting was easy and fun.

I hung it up next to the front door.

I had so much fun with this star I decided to run out and get another to hang in the bathroom.

My bathroom is a pale yellow with black and white tile so a black star would accent perfectly.

I'm not sure if it's noticeable in the picture but I wanted a rough texture so I simple added sand to the black paint.

Then I remembered a small wire cage I picked up at the thrift store a few months ago. I put it away because I knew it would go well in the bathroom after I moved into the house. It was only a dollar, and all it needed was just a coat of paint. Black of course to complement the rest of the decor.

Little by little, my house becomes a home. :)

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