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Friday, July 15, 2011

No Cork Bulletin Board

I needed a bulletin board over my computer and desk space and I wanted something a bit large.

A few weeks ago I picked up some fabric at Hancock's and just put it aside because I wasn't yet sure of what I wanted to use it for.

It's a nice and sturdy canvas type material and I love the design and color.

So, if you've worked with cork before you know that it is not on the cheap side of craft materials.

And, even if you do buy some - it's so totally thin and pretty much defeats the purpose of using cord with push pins.

My solution - foam board.

It's a large board that to me resembles styrofoam pressed in between two sheets of cardstock material.

It comes in different thicknesses, this one is 1/2" thick - plenty of push pin room.

I picked this one up at Michael's for $6.

I applied some regular craft tacky glue to the board and secured the back edges with thumbtacks.

These thumbtacks are super cheap, I got a whole box at the Dollar Tree.

After I glued and secured the back with tacks, I trimmed the sides of the board all the way around with the rest of the tacks for a "nailhead trim" look.

It took me about 30 minutes to trim the sides with the thumbtacks and goes by quickly if you're doing it while watching tv. Also, I didn't even use the whole box, there was plenty left over.

It works just as good if not better as a cork bulletin board.

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