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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrift Store Frame Makeover

Frame Makeover!

I've been using this awesome metallic gold paint recently and decided to jazz up this old worn out frame with it.



I love this paint because it stays true to its color, you don't need a million coats and it just makes everything look great!

Here's the metal frame. $2

As you see, it was goldish in color to begin with, kind of something you would find on your grandmothers end table sitting over a crochet doily. So I didn't take it too far from where it had originally been...

I "primed" the frame just with some white craft paint.

Decorative scrapbook paper is one of my favorite crafts to work with right now.

I layered the inside of this frame with 5 different sheets of scrapbook paper. Use simple craft glue to hold them in place.

Using a stamp of the Fleur de lis with the same metallic gold paint used on the frame. That way the stamp ties it all together.

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