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Monday, March 1, 2010

Awesome Wine Bottle Revamp

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I’'ve seen a few decorated bottles before so it was my time to give it a shot.

I have always loved the curvature of these bottles. They are made from Paul Masson, an inexpensive, but not bad, wine.

After soaking the wine bottle overnight in a tub of water the label is easy to scrape off.

Then used rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to rub off the remaining label glue.

A bit of glue was left on so then I used one of those metal pot scrubbing things with soap and that got the bottle totally clean and clear.

So far, so good.

With a foam brush and plain white acrylic paint, I painted my first coat.
Then used a sponge to apply two more coats of paint.

By hand I used a pencil to draw my circles, it’s very easy to erase at this point if you find a circle looking a bit lopsided.

Here I used black 3-d paint in a bottle, simply and carefully dotting around the circle. I have to admit that I do have a nice steady hand so I really enjoyed this part! But be careful not to smudge what you’ve just painted.
I also have to admit that I can be very impatient, so to speed up drying time, I placed the bottle in front of a fan.

After the paint is dry, you can then go back with an eraser and erase the pencil markings between the dots. I used one of those attachable erasers that sits on top of the pencil, because it’s somewhat pointed, it made going between the dots very easy.

This is exactly how I imagined it would look! I so love when that happens!


Here is a glass container to match.

This glass bowl had been laying in one of my craft bins for a while. It was supposed to get wrapped in twine, but it wasn’t quite working out so after a few months of time out, it was time to get back in the game!

That’s one of my favorite things about crafting, if a project doesn’t work out, it’s bound to have another purpose sooner or later!

I thought it would be a perfect match with the wine bottle.

Instead of painting first, I applied the black doting first because I was only painting the outside.

Here’s the bowl upside down as I began the dots on the outer side of the bowl. No pencil this time, so I had to be very careful!

After dotting the whole outer bowl and letting dry, I sponged on the white acrylic paint.

I love how it turned out. You really can’t go wrong with polka dots!

They make such a cute couple!

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  1. That looks great!!! I love it and so want to try it!

  2. Brilliant. Simply brilliant! Very professional. I bet you could sell those vases if you wanted to, I'd buy!

  3. Hey, Kaysi again. Could you please grab my "motivate me monday" button and put it on your post. THanks!

  4. thats a great idea! they look really good too :D

  5. These look terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I loved both your bottle makeovers, such a good upcycling project. They turned out beautiful.

  7. No they make an awesome couple! Great work and tutorial!

  8. Those are super sweet! I love that wine bottle. I am featuring this at Grab my 'featured" button.

  9. I should have known that it was you, talented lady, who crafted this wine bottle since it reminds me of the candle with short nails you designed and that I have fallen in love with, but haven't had the nerve to try yet!

  10. I love both items, but I really liked the effect of the white showing behind the black dots in the center of the glass bowl. Is this paint permanent or can you wipe off and redo the paint? Would this project work with regular craft acrylic paints?

    I don't have crafts on my blog yet but here is the addy

    Thanks, Katharine

  11. I LOVE these! The dollar store has awesome, obviously cheap, glass that would be great for this project!

  12. Cute idea! googled painted wine bottles and your site came up. Love your bottle!


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