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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Paintings!

Ok, so I'm not a painter, at least I've never considered myself one. However, I've started painting. And really don't know where some of my creations come from, they just kind of, happen.

Well actually, many times it begins when I see something on retail and I just refuse to buy it, #1 because often it costs way too much, or #2 I KNOW that I could make that myself.

Plus the joy and satisfaction of knowing I made it myself. :)

So here's piece number one:

Abstract, yes, and yes, all my own design (grin). There's no particular meaning but when I was finished, it all reminded me of waves, fire, and a sort of planet like thing about to be swallowed up by it all. Hmmm, got a bit psychological for a minute...

Anyway, I'm somewhat satisfied with it. I think it needs a touch more depth to it, if you know what I mean.

Ok, demonstration number two:

This painting was inspired by artists on etsy, the trees in particular. I don't know if these types of paintings have a specific name but I've seen lots of them by different artisans. I've always been an admirer and now I hope to be admired with this piece. I do like!

Both painting are on 16" x 20" wooden framed canvas, and I used regular craft paint. Not sure how long canvas painting will hold my attention but it's got me for now!

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