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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple Twine & Yarn Projects

Here are a couple of simple container projects that give a plain glass holder a bit of life.

Ok, so I only got before picture of the round glass container, but they are both glass candle holders that you can pic up a the $1 store.

Plus your fuzzy yarn, snaged this up for under a dollar! ;)

Be sure to keep the yarn taught while wrapping around your container.

After I finished it, I thought it needed a little something extra..

See how it looks kinda plain?

So I cut out a blue daisy from fun foam and added ribbon.

For the twine container, I used the same principle of wraping twine around and hot gluing every so often.

I love crafts that take not much time and use minumal supplies but turn out to look very professional at the same time. This twine container gives sort of a spa feel, don't ya think?

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