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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun Foam Peace Sign

I made this fun peace sign wall hanging for my daughter. The materials are simple and the design can easily be changed with her growing age.
These Funky Foam sheets are such a great material.
It comes in fun colors and is ever so easy to use.
First I cut out a round shape - I just used a large round plate on hand, but you can also use a compass or other round template.
Then with a pencil, I free hand drew the lines for the peace sign.
And as I mentioned, the foam is very easy to cut so with scissors I cut out each section by hand.

I wanted to add some layering and more fun color so I used this bright green fabric.
Using plain old school glue, I glued the foam to the fabric.

After letting the glue dry for a few minutes, I cut out the green fabric sections just like I did the pink foam.
And lastly the glitter, who doesn't like a little sparkle?

With a glue stick, I placed a random pattern of different sized dots all around the peace and covered them with lavender glitter.
Simple and fun!

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