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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Copper Wrapped Candle

Ok, so I'm admittedly on a candle kick lately and really do not see evidence of it ending any time soon. But that's ok, I've learned to go with whatever my creative mind is most focused on.


36 gauge copper sheet


Cut tacks

So, this copper wrapped candle has a similar “coat” form to my Hard Rock Candle.

Hobby Lobby was the only place I was able to find copper on hand, but there are plenty of online stores who sell various thicknesses of copper sheeting.

Using the copper sheet I cut a strip to be wrapped around the candle. I then rounded off the edges. Handle the copper carefully, the edges can be quite sharp.

And using the same cut tacks from my previous Nailed Candle post, I carefully punched them into the copper and wax.

It helped to press beginning holes to guide the tack easily through the copper and wax.

I had a bit of trouble getting the tacks completely through the wax so taking advice from my daughter, I used a hammer to knock the rest of the tack into place. Hammering a candle felt a little funny at first but it did the perfect job.

Finishing with the tacks lining the top and bottom edges of the copper the candle is complete.
I like the natural rustic feel.

And although I have not fully tested this, I like the fact that all the candles I have embellished so far are still able to be burned since the materials are metal based.

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  1. I love how you used the nails to attach the copper. Great project!

  2. Yet another gorgeous creation!!! I love what you're doing with the candles and I can't wait to try some myself. I agree that when your creative urge is pushing you in a specific direction, you better just follow it! You go girl! Come see me, I'm giving away 3 super glammy Sam Moon cuff bracelets:

  3. girl, you amaze and challenge me..i love it!

  4. I love your creativity. I am going to try this project in silver.


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