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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thriftstore Purse Find

You’ll most likely find me sporting a classic brown leather purse. Which is becoming harder and harder to find these days in the midst of blinged out shiny decaled purses. Don’t get me wrong, designer fashioned bags can be very cute, but just not my style.
So I usually stick with the basic brown shoulder bag, but it does need to at least have a cute shape - like this one I snatched up during a quick thrift store trip.

It has plenty of compartmental space which is a key ingredient in a great functioning purse.

The brassy clasps were a bit dingy and worn. So thinking back to my recent painted owl project, I decided to whip out the acrylics and get painting!

First I taped off the purse around the clasps. This clear tape was what I had on hand and did the job quite well.

I also took apart the metal wire components that hold the straps in place.

Using a basic white acrylic paint, I used that as a primer.

Then a couple coats of this awesome silver toned paint and I was in business.

I love this paint, I have it in gold and this silver tone.

This particular paint is a little on the thick side so I let it dry completely for a couple of days before putting my purse to good use.

Now I can enjoy every part of my “new” purse.


  1. It's amazing what a simple little paint job can do. I would have never thought of painting over the metal doodads to make such a simple but dramatic change. Very clever!

  2. I love your thrift find and I love your makeover, too! Great job! Enjoy your pretty purse...

  3. what kind of paint is that please?


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